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Blog: In the Mood for Low-Carb Food?, September 2013

From a blog, In the Mood for Low-Carb Food? September 2013 Days 58--64: Weight Loss Logic

There is a great scene in Jennifer Weiner’s book, Little Earthquakes. A clever, overweight heroine walks into a doctor’s office and senses that the doctor is staring at her sprawling body with utter disgust. “Have you tried Weight Watchers?” the doctor asks.

“I’ve never heard of them!” the heroine responds without losing a beat.

 Weight Watchers, an organization that’s been around for 50 years, seems to be every doctor’s answer to weight loss. I’ve heard everything from a simple “I like Weight Watchers” to “Weight Watchers is the healthiest, most balanced way to lose weight.”

One time, a doctor recommend Weight Watchers and, in the same breath, informed me that it’s for people who are not disciplined enough to lose weight on their own and need group support. Ouch! A more sensitive health care professional said that Weight Watchers is about having “ weekly accountability to your weight loss process.”  Clearly that one has never sat through a Weight Watcher’s meeting, trying to get some new but previously evasive insight into shedding pounds. 

Maybe I need that weekly accountability and herd mentality since I don’t think any weight loss has been happening on my end lately. Why, you may ask. Because I’ve been late-night snacking to my heart’s delight and enjoying every minute of it. I’ve also been avoiding the scale (and reveling in that as well.)

I can still fit into my smaller skinny jeans—which means I haven’t gained the weight back. And I still need to make my engagement ring a size or two bigger. Apparently I’ve downsized my stomach and hips but not my fingers. (And they say there’s no such thing as spot reduction!)

Weight Watchers meetings used to be too far away from my house but now there’s a new location next to the grocery store I frequent. I’ve been a member of Weight Watchers many times throughout my life, but never a “lifetime member” (a status achieved only by those who reach their ideal weight and maintain it.) I haven’t been to Weight Watchers in over eight years. May be I’ll try one meeting for free to see if the bells, whistles, and silver stars inspire me in any way at this point in my life. For the moment, I am sticking to the low-carb testament.

Posted by Sonya Doernberg at 11:51 AM