The Fog

Blog: In the Mood for Low-Carb Food?, August 2013

Days 27-32: The Fog

In case you are wondering why I have not updated my blog for almost a week—I can explain.  A sinus infection descended upon my cranial cavity fogging up all creative processes.  WARNING: Reading the next few sentences may stop you from eating. My post-nasal drip which usually trickles down my throat like a dried-up creek, turned into Niagara Falls. I have another infection, which I don’t care to specify.  All I can say is that, strangely enough, that infection hit before I went on antibiotics instead of after.  In addition to running a low-grade fever, I feel as if some strange scary alien creature is knocking on my stomach and trying to get out (a.k.a. The Blues Brothers.)

Now that I’ve bummed you out with a medical update, let me cheer you up by saying that I’ve stayed on the low-carb diet and dropped another weekly pound—with or without the help of the scary alien creature.  My low-grade fever seems to be going down.  While I’m not bouncing up and down with energy and don’t have enough of it to connect to my Museman (the male Muse,) I am feeling a bit better and expect the thoughts and sentences to return any day now.